Information concerning user post count, ranks, groups, and group leaders.

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Information concerning user post count, ranks, groups, and group leaders.

Post by The Power of Four on Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:39 pm

Hi Everyone!

I would just like to explain to everyone how some of the things about your participation here work. I'll do my best to explain clearly.

Each time you create a new topic, post or poll you up your post count by one. There are different "ranks" that you aquire as you raise your post count*. There are quite many ranks that will provide you a fresh title fairly frequently, but some of the higher ranks take quite a lot of posting to recieve them. I ask you to not post nonsense for the sole purpose of raising your post count.

Also, there are quite a few groups that you can join**. The purpose of groups is to allow users to comunicate with only the users who share similar interests, as opposed to, say, the "General Discussion" forum. Each group has a "Leader" who moderates all activity within it's group. Group Leaders are generally, though not always, elected by it's club members' votes, which means that club members will have to be especially famous to win this position. Club members seeking to be a Club Leader can post a topic convincing other members to vote for them. (Club Members can only post one topic in this manner, and members cannot start a topic representing a user other than themselves. Club Leaders have to be a member of the club in question to be it's leader.)

Well, that's it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Have Fun!


*A list of rank titles and post requirements is found below;

= Baby Turtle (Post Count: 0-40)

= Toddler Turtle (Post Count: 40-120)

= Teenage Turtle (Post Count: 120-300)

= Ninja Turtle (Post Count: 300-600)

= Ninja Master (Post Count: 600-1250)

= Sensei (Post Count: 1250-5000)

= Ultimate Ninja (Post Count: 5000-10000)

= Battle Nexus Champion (Post Count: 10000+)

Leo's Left Sword Special Ranks Leo's Right Sword
= A News Reporter, or member of the Channel 6 News Group.

**To join a group, click on the "Usergroups" button just below the TMNT Universe logo.

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