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Mean Machine 1: A Sticky Trick!

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Mean Machine 1:  A Sticky Trick! Empty Mean Machine 1: A Sticky Trick!

Post by Steamboat Willie Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:01 pm

Hello Foot Clan Fans! This first invention is A TURTLE TRAMPOLINE! We will make an inflatable trampoline(it inflates with the pull of a string)that the turtles can use to practice their jumping and strengthen their legs except that when they jump on it the material will stick to their feet! Ha Ha While they are busy getting unglued, we can listen to really loud music in our hideout or go tie them up so they will be Shredder's prisoners!

This great idea is being submitted by Foot Ninja 1 Fiasco the Foot Clan Member

Steamboat Willie
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Leonardo Club Leader

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