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The Big Brawl of the Battle Nexus - A Quizical Experience

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The Big Brawl of the Battle Nexus - A Quizical Experience Empty The Big Brawl of the Battle Nexus - A Quizical Experience

Post by The Power of Four Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:37 am

Hey dudes and dudettes! Big Grin

You remember that place inbetween dimmensions, where the multiverses greatest warriors dueled it out for the title of champion, you know, the Big Brawl? Well, now you can have this experience, only in a slightly different way, and on a much smaller scale. How, you may ask? Let me explain...

They always say the pen is mightier than the sword, so I guess the keyboard is somewhere in between--but either way, to win the battle nexus you arm yourself with, not swords, but questions.

FIRST join the "Battle Nexus Competitor" usergroup. SECONDLY await the PM that tells you your first opponent and if you get to ask the first question. THIRDLY (if you do ask first) start a thread to invite your competitor to battle. You must start the topic in the "Battle Nexus Championship" board, and state in the topics title your username, and that of your opponent, as well as how many rounds you have fought. EXAMPLE: "Round #5: DarkAssasin35 -VS- Leonardo98") FOURTHLY, you keep on asking questions and answering until you can't do one or the other (or perhaps both) anymore. As you and your opponent take turns, as in the following example:

User1: What is Raph's bandana color?
User2: Red. What is Leo's bandana color?
User1: Blue. What is Mikey's bandana color?
User2: Puzzled Purple. I can't think of any other questions!

IMPORTANT NOTE!: Questions do not have to be TMNT related, but they must be rule-keeping at all times. Or else..... Wink

Soooo.... what are you waiting for? Join the competition, and claim the title of Battle Nexus Champion! Mad

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