Some tricks and basic guidlines on forum use.

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Some tricks and basic guidlines on forum use.

Post by The Power of Four on Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:32 am

Hi Everyone! Cocky

I thought it would be good for me to give you some help on getting started using the forum. Please remember that I'm just getting used to it myself, so I most likely will not touch on all things you would hope. I will try to be as clear as possible, so no Donny tech-language. Wink

Raph's Left Sai Topic Posting, Replying, Editing Posts, Polls and Voting Raph's Right Sai

NEW TOPIC: When you go into a forum, there will be a button at the top and bottom of the page that says "New Topic". Clicking this will take you to a webpage where you can enter your topic, and then post it.

REPLY TO EXISTING TOPIC: When you open an already existing topic, there will be a button at the top and bottom of the topic page that says "Post Reply". This will take you to the same webpage that you enter a new topic in, but it will post your reply in the topic you were last in, or that you clicked the button in. There is always a "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of each topic page. It's a more simple version of the "post" page.

EDITING REPLIES, POLLS AND TOPICS: In some cases you can edit or delete what you post. When viewing your post, there will be a button that says "Edit" (that does just that), and one that is an "X" which deletes your post. To delete a poll, open the edit post screen, and scroll down to the "Add Poll" section. At the bottom of this section there will be a white box that says "Delete Poll" beside it. As far as I know your actual post will need to be deleted seperately.

POSTING POLLS: When you access a forum, click the "New Topic" button, and after writing an (atleast) short post, scroll down the page until you see the "Add a Poll" section, where you can then make a simple list of the items in your poll, days the poll will be open for voting, and so on.

VOTING: To vote, simply click the selection of your choice from the list provided and click "submit" or "submit vote".

Raph's Left Sai PM (Personal Message) Raph's Right Sai

Personal Messages serve as a forum-based e-mail. You can directly contact specific users, and them only. You can edit who can PM you in your "Profile" in the "Friends and Foes" section. Both the "Profile" and "PM" buttons are under our site logo near the top. You post PM and reply to previous ones the same basic way as you do regular posts. All PM activity is conducted in the PM page.

Raph's Left Sai Posting Pictures Raph's Right Sai

To post a picture here, you need an image host, such as . It's free to sign up, and once you sign up you upload pictures from your computer to your image host account, then you put the URL link to your image (provided by your image host) in the HERE's Your URL" alt="" /> boxes. You can also use the "Host image" option, which is basically the same. You can really post the URL to any image anywhere on the web to have it appear in your post.

Raph's Left Sai Posting Links Raph's Right Sai

To link to another website, type the whol url or enter into the [URL][/URL] brackets.

Raph's Left Sai Special and Cool Stuff Raph's Right Sai

Just as you can add Emoticons (smilies) to your post, you can also change your post in various ways through other buttons on the "post" page. I strongly suggest with each of them, as they can give you awesome effects. Some examples follow:

Color Coded Text Is Neat

Coolistic! Dudes! Woah! Yeah! Cowabunga!

For all of you who saw last week's episode, didn't you like Shredder's new Foot Soldiers, the Foot Phantom Ninjas?

I have to say:Cowabunga! Dudes! AWESOME!

Happy Birthday!

[center]Star Wars VII: Turtle Dude

When Shredder and Darth Vader join forces,
the Turtles and Luke join forces to put an
end to thier evil plans. Using their Dude-wing movie-star fighters,
they defy all of the dark side and the foot! Geek Dude

Raph's Left Sai Note about Code Raph's Right Sai [/center]

Quotes, font size, color and type, they are all made possible by a code. If the code isn't typed just right, it may not work.

Most codes are enclosed in [] brackets. If you wanted to post a quote of "Hi dude!" Make sure the quote code is complete.

Incomplete: [quote=Dude] Hi Dude! /quote] ; [quote=Dude] Hi Dude! [quote] ; [quote=Dude] Hi Dude! [\quote]

Complete: [quote=Dude] Hi Dude! {/quote} (I used {} brackets to show you the code, but you must use the [] bracketsto make it work.
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