Weekly Fan Fiction Contests Regulations and Guidlines

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Weekly Fan Fiction Contests Regulations and Guidlines

Post by The Power of Four on Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:46 am

Hello everyone (or, whoever is here Wink ),

You've taken a lot of time thinking of that story haven't you? Maybe you want a little more notice for it than you might naturally get--? Well, that's why we'll be holding weekly Fanfiction contests! Let me explain how it all works.....

First things first; you finish and post your Fan Fiction. Now, this has to be done by the friday of the current week to be eligible for the current week's contest. For example, we can't count your Fanfiction that is three chapters long if you've only posted chapter one, but when ever you finish the other three chapters, THEN you can be sure that we'll count it, and the week you post the finishing touches, that's the week it will be eligible for contest entry.

You don't have to anything but finish your story to have it entered in the contest for consideration. Cocky

Now after your fanfiction is finished--what happens then? Well, then our fanfiction forum moderators enter your fanfiction into a stickied poll, where your fellow members and authors will vote for their favorite fanfiction (of that week). This voting process takes place Friday (of the current week) to Monday (of the following week), and then the results will be posted in an announcement. Contest winners will recieve special status for a set amount of time.

Edit/1-30-08-6-15PM: Shocked I forgot something! I forgot to specify that the days your fanfic can be completed in order to be entered in that week's contest, must be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Earlier I said Monday to Friday, but I would like to allow three days for voting and results. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are voting days, and Monday of the next week (as early as possible) the poll results will be tallied. Depending on how famous this section gets, I may change these days, but I'll make sure you are given details of any changes.

If you have any additional questions, please PM them to me! Happy Also please read the Hints, Notes and Techniques below, as they can be very useful.

Leo's Left Sword NOTES, HINTS AND TECHNIQUES Leo's Right Sword

Raph's Left Sai NOTE #1: Your work will be more likely to win a contest if it's good and thought-out, not if you rush it. Be sure to take your nessecary time, even if it means waiting for next week's contest.

Raph's Left Sai NOTE #2: There are several types of fanfictions that are likely to win--not just the ones that sound like you should be writing the script to the next TMNT movie. Write what you want to write (I only ask that it be according to our rules), and hope people will enjoy it for what it is--and if they don't, atleast you'll have fun, and you can enter the contest indefinately (forever, or at least as long as this forum is opperational).

Raph's Left Sai NOTE#3: Your writing must be original. Don't go stealing others work--who knows, you might be the next Best-selling author, but if you never exercise your writing skills, you'll never find out, now will you?

Raph's Left Sai NOTE #4: Depending upon how many fanfictions there are for any said week, there will be atleast a First Place winner, and at most three (First, Second, and Third place) winners.

Mikey's Nunchuka HINT #1: Your Fanfiction is entered into the weekly poll for voting as soon as possible after it's completion. This means the earlier in the week your fanfiction is done, the earlier in the week it will be entered in the poll. Which in turn means you will, most likely have more audience, more users with opinions of your fanfiction, and more votes. Quite an advantage, just remember what I said about not rushing your work. I'll leave you to decide for yourself what is "rushing" for you. Some people can write quicker than others.

Mikey's Nunchuka HINT #2: Capture your audience. If you write all about how Mikey is the best, you'll surely capture, at very least, most Mikey fans--but you won't do to well, most likely, with fans of the other Turtles. This is again a choice left up to you. You can not, however, purposefully and aimedly stir others up... for instance, a fanfiction titled or themed "How the Donatello Club Got the worst leader ever." will not only be denied of votes, it will be deleted.

Don's Bo Staff Technique #1: You can use smilies--or emoticons--to make your fanfictions colorful. An is Example Below:

Mikey: Can I help it if I'm the best?

Raph: No you AREN'T!


Big Grin : Can I help it if I'm the best?

Mad : No you AREN'T!

Of course, some fan fictions are best written out in a novel like format:

Mikey looked at Raphy out of the corner of his eye and couldn't resist the urge of just one more tease. "Can I help it if I'm the best?" he stated in the most cheery tone he could summon. It worked; Raph exploded in rage. "No you AREN'T!" he yelled advancing on Mikey.
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